Sleaford Striders Branded Kit

We are delighted to announce that our new online Sleaford Striders kit shop is now live.

Below are the products available, to purchase them please visit their website or click on any of the products.

Sleaford Striders Cool T Sleaford Striders Polo Shirt Sleaford Striders Women’s Polo Shirt Sleaford Striders Polo
Burgundy Tee Burgundy Polo Burgundy Womens Polo Striders Polo
From: £9.49 From: £15.00 From: £12.50 From: £19.45
Sleaford Striders Women’s Polo Sleaford Striders Varsity Hoodie Sleaford Striders Varsity Zoodie Sleaford Striders Half Zip Training Top
Striders Womens Polo Varsity Hoodie Zoodie Half Zip Training Top
From: £19.45 From: £19.45 From: £24.50 From: £25.99
Sleaford Striders Waterproof Shell Jacket Sleaford Striders Softshell Jacket Sleaford Striders Lightweight Jacket Sleaford Striders Women’s Tracksuit Bottoms
From: £35.00 From: £39.50 From: £14.99 From: £24.99
Sleaford Striders Sweatpants Sleaford Striders Women’s Jogpants Sleaford Striders Training Bottoms Sleaford Striders Base Layer Leggings
From: £20.99 From: £18.50 From: £24.99 From: £24.99
Sleaford Striders Base Layer Sleaford Striders Men’s Running Shorts Sleaford Striders Women’s Shorts Sleaford Striders Cap
From: £22.50 From: £17.99 From: £24.99 From: £6.50
Sleaford Striders Beanie Sleaford Striders Slouch Beanie Sleaford Striders Shoe Bag Sleaford Striders Backpack
From: £6.50 From: £6.50 From: £9.99 From: £25.00

Junior Kit

Sleaford Striders Junior Polo Sleaford Striders Junior Cool T Sleaford Striders Junior Training Bottoms Sleaford Striders Junior Hoodie
Striders Polo
From: £16.21 From: £7.91 From: £18.90 From: £16.21
Sleaford Striders Junior Hooded Sweatshirt Sleaford Striders Junior Base Layer Sleaford Striders Junior Base Layer Shorts
From: £16.21 From: £18.40 From: £17.00